Sun Hemp Seed – A Beautiful Gift Of Nature.

People usually know about the hemp seed and Cannabis Sativa.  But very small of people knows about this sun hemp seed. There are a large variety of benefits that these seeds provide. It is adapted to a variety of soil and environment conditions. The popularity of Sun hemp seeds has increased over the last decade. This article will help you to know about Sun Hemp Seed in detail. 

Let us start with what it is. 

What Are Sun Hemp Seeds? 

Sun hemp seed was originated in India and is a rapidly growing crop. The plant can grow up to 6-7 feet within 2 months. It is a tropical and sub-tropical plant with enormous nitrogen-fixing abilities. It is a member of the genus Crotalaria Juncea. The biomass of this plant annually is very high and hence the nitrogen production also increases. It helps to suppress weeds and improves the fertility of the soil. 

The seeds of this shrub are used mainly to purify the blood. It can grow up to 6 meters. The plant has a high nutrition value. It has numerous health benefits also. Let us study about its benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sun Hemp Seeds? 

  • Controls soil Erosion. 
  • Used for Cattle grazing. 
  • Nematode resistant. 
  • Highly nutritious. 
  • Suppresses weeds. 
  • Acts as a cover crop. 
  • Improves soil fertility. 
  • Non-toxic to animals. 
  • Attracts beneficial insects. 

Nutritive Value 

Sun hemp seeds are highly nutritive as they contain fiber and essential amino acids like lysine and methionine. It also contains 70% of TDN and 41% of CP. 

But the seeds also contain alkaloids that are toxic. These seeds when consumed by the cattle can lead to poisoning.  

Let us know about the various steps of harvesting Sun hemp seeds. 

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Harvesting Methods 

Hemp production is not legal in many areas and hence you should know before harvesting that whether the area you are cultivating is legal or not. If it is legal then the following steps may help you harvest it. 

  • You are supposed to harvest the fiber and seeds differently as they mature differently. 
  • So first you need to begin with harvesting the fiber. 
  • Then, cut the stalks of the plant using a sickle. 
  • Leave the stalks for a few weeks. 
  • Dry the stalks in a cool place. 
  • Then, remove the fiber by breaking the stalks. 

Another method

  • Once your crop has grown old enough like 16 weeks nearly, then start harvesting. 
  • Cut the tops of the plants with a sickle when the weather is dry. 
  • Place it on a clean piece of cloth under. 
  • Thresh the seeds with a bat and collect them into containers. 
  • Store the seeds in a low humidity area. 

Thus, these are some of the methods to harvest Sun hemp seeds and these seeds are very beneficial. The seeds are legal in many parts of the world. Hence, you should research and find a suitable place to grow them and harvest it.  

Currently, these seeds are grown in India for fodder purpose but are also available in Bangladesh, and Brazil. 



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