Does Hemp Oil Have Side Effects?

We all have our different views about marijuana. Some of us might love it a lot. While others might find it problematic. Not only this, you might feel a little ignorant towards the other products of the cannabis plant too. Hemp and CBD are the other by-products of this plant. Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds. We all might be aware of the psychoactive properties of marijuana. It has proven to have euphoric and mind-altering effects on the people who consume. But hemp differs quite a lot from marijuana. Not only does it have anti-psychoactive properties but also studies have shown that it is quite beneficial. It provides benefits in the physical and mental health fields. In this article, we will make you aware of the side effects of this oil. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Hemp Oil?

  • Indigestion:

Exposure To this oil might make you prone to indigestion and other intestinal problems. You might also end up feeling nauseous and diarrhea. Greater exposure to this oil might give you slight cramps and you might also have acid reflux.   

  • Gives Out Harmful Peroxides If Exposed To High Heat:

The fatty acids that are present in hemp oil have the potential to break down into toxic peroxides. This is possible when this oil is heated and thus, the fatty acids may break down and release toxic peroxides. Hemp oil like other oils is inflammable and has the potential to catch fire. Hence it is advised that you use this oil appropriately.

  • Might Interfere With Other Medications:

Although small intakes of this oil do no harm, if you keep consuming this oil constantly, you might end up having problems. Especially, if you are on other medications, this oil has full capacity to interfere with their functioning in your body and it can also prove harmful. Hence it is always advised to seek professional medical guidance before you start using this oil.

  • Can Affect Blood Clotting:

This oil might also affect your body by preventing its capacity to clot the blood. However, this is a very rare side effect and it is very unlikely for this to happen. But some patients who have disorders of blood clotting may find consulting their doctors helpful. 

  • Might Be Psychoactive In Presence Of Higher Content Of THC: 

We are aware that there is a slight presence of THC in hemp oil. But in some special cases, this slight content gets increased due to some reasons like cross contamination, etc. This can make the properties of hemp oil psychoactive and thus, it can negatively affect your mental health.

  • Contain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: 

This oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. If you are consuming this oil in small intakes then this point might not be for you. But those who constantly use hemp oil might start facing some side effects in some conditions. Because hemp oil if consumed in higher amounts can even lead to side effects like cardiovascular problems and growth of some kinds of cancer. However, it should be understood that these side effects are very rare and only arise when you consume a heavy dose of this oil. 

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