Can You Legally Use CBD In Ohio?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural cannabis compound that is extracted through organic means from the hemp plant. It is a non-toxic cannabis extract that is well known for treating mental and neurogenic disorders like depression and anxiety. It is also a natural joint pain and stress reliever. CBD oil has a bad reputation in the market as the stigma regarding cannabis is still prevalent. It is one of the 85 cannabinoids present in the cannabis Sativa plant. Two of the plant’s most popular compounds are CBD and THC, as they provide various medicinal and therapeutic benefits. People often confuse CBD to weed when they hear the word ‘cannabis’, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only does CBD not get you ‘high’, but it also negates the psychoactive effects brought on by THC. 

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Benefits Of CBD Oil 

People are slowly waking up to the medical benefits of CBD oil.

  • Reduces stress levels 
  • Improves symptoms of PTSD  
  • Acts as a natural pain reliever 
  • Helps with seizures 
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity 
  • Combats anxiety 
  • Inducing sleep in cases of insomnia 
  • Possible treatment of epilepsy 
  • Used to treat arthritis and joint pain 
  • Alleviate cancer-related symptoms 
  • Cures acne 

Is CBD Oil Legal? 

The medicinal benefits of CBD and its ability to treat various ailments have caused it to become quite popular. As the demand for this pain and stress reliever has skyrocketed, so has its legality in most states. Even though CBD is here to stay, the subject of medicinal marijuana is facing some issues.

When it comes to CBD oil derived from hemp, then it is legal. This is because Hemp is grown to contain very high concentrations of CBD. Hemp is also known to have very low levels of THC. This is an important aspect, as THC is what gets you ‘high’ and promotes psychoactive after effects. Hemp is occasionally derived from marijuana, which is what sparks doubts in people’s mind. Because of this very reason, there is a certain stigma around CBD however, organic and hemp-derived CBD oil is 100% legal. 

Is CBD Oil Legal In Ohio? 

While most of the states in the US have medical marijuana for sale, Ohio is still on the backseat in this race. Hemp-derived CBD is very popular in the state of Ohio. However, in recent times, the Ohio Board Of Pharmacy declared that all products containing marijuana, including CBD oil, are illegal. The only way you can use this pain suppressant is if it is dispensed by a state-licensed dispensary.

Ohio was the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. The residents of Ohio with certain medical issues were allowed the use of medicinal marijuana with the help of a doctor’s prescription. The sale or display of this pain and stress reliever and the people involved in its consumption are subject to prosecution and federal investigation. CBD is covered by the Buckeye state’s medical marijuana law. So far, CBD oil is approved for epilepsy medications, provided that it is prescribed by licensed doctors. CBD extracted from an industrial hemp plant with the help of CO2 extraction is legal for use in most states.  

Hemp VS Marijuana 

Both marijuana and hemp are versions of a similar plant species, called cannabis Sativa. Organically grown Marijuana is said to naturally have a high concentration of THC. On the other hand, Hemp is grown to have rich quantities of CBD and have little or no traces of THC. The THC found in Hemp is not a worrying matter as it is not in enough quantity to generate any psychoactive effects. Hemp is also legal in most states, due to its low THC concentration, unlike Marijuana. 


CBD and THC are both compounds found in the cannabis plant in a natural state. It is common to be confused by both as they work in a similar fashion. However, despite being near similar, they have some distinct differences that set them apart.  

  • They have the exact same chemical makeup: 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, 2 oxygen atoms 
  • However, the arrangement of a single atom is what differentiates THC from CBD. The difference can be considered minuscule, nevertheless, it has a massive impact on their performance. 
  • CBD is found in higher concentration in hemp plants whereas Marijuana is well known to have a higher concentration of THC. 
  • The endocannabinoid system in the body is a network of receptors that interact with cannabinoids to perform various functions in the body. Two such receptors are CB1 and CB2.  
  • THC is known to directly with CB1. The neurotransmitters activated in this process is what gets you ‘high’. On the other hand, CBD does not directly interact with either of the receptors. CBD oil does not get you high. In fact, CBD negates the effect of THC and counteracts any possible psychoactive effects. 

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