Are You Aware Of These Innovative Hemp Seed Recipes?

You all must be aware of the fact that hemp plant seed has numerous health benefits. The seeds of the hemp plant are protein-rich and are a good source of obtaining proteins especially for vegetarians. Including this plant-based food in your routine diet can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. It contains nine types of amino acids that are very essential for the body as it cannot produce it on its own.

Not only hemp seed is rich with fatty acids but it also rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for health. Thus you should be aware of different hemp seed recipes so you can include them in your diet. Hemp seed has been proven effective in solving problems like anxiety and depression, skin problems, heart health, and pain.

You might witness the use of hemp seed in various types of diets like a vegan diet, keto diet, etc. We have listed a few recipes which can help you include hemp seed in your routine diet. But before you know about its uses let’s clear all the misconceptions on hemp seed.

Clearing The Misconceptions About Hemp Seed Use

People believe that using hemp seed oil can get you high. This is not true as hemp seeds are free from THC. It is the ingredient responsible to have psychotic effects on the brain and make you feel high. As people use to believe that hemp seed can get you high they were hesitant to use them in food. This deprived them of all its health benefits.

Ways To Include Hemp Seeds In Your Diet

There are different ways through which you can include hemp seeds in your diet. Some simple and easy recipes are mentioned below:

Hemp Seed Powder

Blend few hemp seeds and make a powder out of it. Store it in an airtight container for future use. It can be used for multiple purposes like as a protein powder or to make food more nutritive.

It can also be used for garnishing the dishes.

Hemp Seed Milk For Vegans

It is one of the effective alternatives to replace dairy products. Mix 2 tablespoon of crushed hemp seeds to half a cup of non-dairy milk. You can also add chia seeds, oats, and fruits for making it more nutritive.

No More Baking Without Hemp Seeds

You can tweak your recipes and make them more healthy by adding hemp seeds to it. You can add it as a topping on cookies, cake, toasts, pancakes, etc.

Make Salads Extra Healthy

You can now transform your salads by adding crushed hemp seeds to it. It is rich with proteins and vitamins useful for your skin health. Combining it with feta, kale, chia seeds can be beneficial.

Snacks And Shakes

If you are a fan of eating nutritive bars then adding hemp seed bars to your snack-bar can make it more healthy. Like this, you can intake more proteins and amino acids with a small snack.

These hemp seeds can also be added to various milk-shakes like banana and chocolate.

Sides And Sauces

Make hummus sauce and add hemp seeds to it. In this way, it is more nutritive and healthy. Sauces have multiple uses thus you can consume it in different ways.

All these are very common recipes which you can make easily at home. Health depends totally on the food you eat. Does including lots of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in your diet can help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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