Hemp Seed Oil – A Pack Full Of Protein! 

Hemp seeds are very high in nutritional value. The protein content in hemp seeds is the same as the soybeans. They have twice the protein when compared to flaxseeds. Hemp seeds contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins and are very fruitful for health.  

The importance of hemp seeds is very high but it is often mistaken to have the THC content that is present in cannabis oil and not in hemp seeds. Also, there are many comparisons that are made with hemp seed protein but this is the most beneficial among all. 

These seeds have nutty and grassy flavor and they are used in many dishes as toppings. 

Let us study the protein content that is present in the hemp seeds. 

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A Bag Of Protein! 

Hemp seeds are rich in protein content that contains 10 essential amino acids. These amino acids are useful for a good digestion process, heart health, and brain health. Hemp seeds contribute about 25% of the calories from protein. The hemp proteins are easy to digest than any other proteins. Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids such as arginine, methionine, glutamic, and cysteine. 

Hemp seed protein helps you to lose weight effectively as well as help you gain lean muscles and body shape. It also helps you relieve pain and relaxes your muscles. Hemp seed protein also helps you to remove stress and anxiety-like feelings. It also provides a restful sleep and is beneficial for the people having insomnia. 

Let us compare hemp seed protein with other proteins. 

Pea Protein vs Hemp Seed Protein 

Pea protein contains a lot more pack of proteins. While the 30 grams of hemp seeds give you 15 grams of protein and pea protein gives 24 grams of protein. Also, if we compare quality-wise, then also pea protein is much-like dairy protein whereas hemp protein is much-like nutty protein. 

The taste of hemp protein is better than the pea protein. 

Whey Protein vs Hemp Protein 

The protein content is more in Whey protein than the hemp protein. Also, the number of fiber and essential minerals are found more in Whey protein. But it is recommended by the food associations that we should consume an adequate amount of protein like that of what hemp seed protein provides.  

It is necessary to limit our protein intake or else it has other side effects also.  

By comparing the above two proteins, we conclude that though both the protein that is pea protein and whey protein are high in standards and amounts from the hemp seed protein. But hemp protein contains an adequate amount of protein that needs to be consumed. 

Short Summary.

Hemp seed protein is a whole pack of protein that also has vital minerals and vitamins necessary for an individual. It also cures many health disorders and provides a den of benefits to you!  

Thus, hemp seed protein should be added in our daily food on a regular basis and we can experience the worth-experiencing benefits. 


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