Keep Calm And Eat Hemp hearts!!! 

Hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts that are nutritious and healthy. These seeds come from the same family as that of marijuana or ‘Cannabis Sativa’. The nutrition component in these seeds cures many problems related to health. These seeds contain all healthy components that are useful for maintaining a good livelihood.  

The beauty industry as well as the health industry both uses Hemp hearts as their heart. The hemp hearts are full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Many health problems such as heart problems, brain problems, and overall health problems. 

We should add these seeds in our regular diet so that we get a healthy and fit body. The taste of these seeds is nutty and grassy, a beetroot-type earthy flavor. This gives the salads an earthy twist. 

Though these seeds belong from the same family as marijuana, it is not harmful. This is because the THC content that is 10-20 % in marijuana, in hemp seeds it is, 0.5 %.  

Let us learn what benefits are provided by the hemp hearts. 

Array Of Benefits 

Controls blood pressure 

The hemp seeds help to lower the blood pressure. They help to maintain a sustainable blood pressure of the body. 

Balances sugar and insulin levels 

The people suffering from diabetes can derive the benefit of hemp hearts, as they are proven to control sugar and insulin levels of the body.  

Improves mental acuity 

Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and  Epilepsy are been cured by hemp hearts. It helps to improve the mental processing of the brain and boosts the functioning. 

Eliminates cancer-causing symptoms 

Hemp hearts are also proven eminent to cure first stage cancer. Many researchers and doctors have concluded it to eliminate the symptoms of cancer like redness, lump, etc. 

Pain reliever 

Hemp hearts are proved efficient to relieve all muscles and joint pains. It contains such ingredients that help to relax muscles and alleviate pain. The hemp seeds can also relieve the menstrual cramps or any other cramps.

Heart health 

Hemp hearts contain protein and all essential amino acids that are useful in maintaining heart health by boosting the blood flow. Cardiovascular problems get eliminated due to the usage of hemp hearts. 

Thus, many health problems are eliminated through hemp hearts. It is also useful for skin as an anti-aging and acne-clearing agent. 

Let us look at the recipe of making it. 

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Quick Hemp Seed Recipes! 

You need to consume a certain amount of hemp seeds every day. But you should not overdo the usage. This may lead to other side effects. Daily at least 30 grams of hemp seeds are considered good for health.  

Hemp hearts can be used as toppings on smoothies and shakes. They can be dressed over the salads.    

A quick and healthy salad recipe is here. 

  • Get some sprouts, snow peas and berries in a bowl. 
  • Add salt and honey over it. 
  • Mix the mixture well and sprinkle the hemp hearts over it. 
  • A yummy and tasty salad is ready!! 

Thus, hemp hearts are very good for health. Since‘less is good’, you should start with small amounts and consume it regularly.‘.  Adding hemp hearts to your meal boosts the metabolic activity of your body. As a result, Hemp hearts also help you to ‘lose weight’.


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