Hemp The Great, Right In Your Plate.

Hemp is obtained from the plant Cannabis sativa, a plant that is also the parent of your home weed marijuana. Now before you start thinking, “Oh God, yet another thing that can make the population high” or “what is this world turning out to be?” let me correct you by saying that hemp is NOT a weed and it CANNOT make you high.

Now before you think that I am fooling you or how on earth is it possible that two components form the very same plant could differ so much, let me correct you again by saying that Everything is possible when Mother Nature is by your side.

How The Big Difference?

Alright. I know those of you who didn’t know about the properties of hemp are quite shocked by now. Well, sit back and read this article as you are going to read some really helpful benefits of hemp seeds which might help you in the long run.

The key difference between marijuana (cannabis) and hemp is that the former one has psychoactive properties which enable a person to feel psychedelic high when consumed. Not only this, but marijuana also has mind-altering properties. But hemp, unlike marijuana, is not a psychoactive ingredient.

In fact, hemp seeds have so many nutritional properties that once you start consuming them you would absolutely love them!

Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Now before you ask me what is so special about hemp seeds and why am I siding with hemp seeds so much, let me tell you that I am not. So what I will do here is I will list out some handpicked benefits of hemp seeds and you can decide for yourself whether you are craving for some of them or not.

  • Fibrous And Nutritious:

Hemp seeds are known to be fibrous in nature. This fibrous nature helps to manage weight and aids digestion. It can cause a loss in appetite which leads to weight management and control in blood sugar levels.

  • Rich In Vitamins And Minerals:

These seeds are very rich in Vitamin A and E which makes it antioxidant in nature. Minerals like iron, zinc, sulfur, potassium, and phosphorus are also present in hemp seeds which benefit health quite a lot.

  • Abundant in Proteins:

When it comes to hemp seeds, it can be quite clear that they are the most abundant source of proteins. They provide you with all the amino acids that your body needs. Not only this, they contain as many proteins that exist in beef and soybeans.

Vegans, you have heard it right! Here some good news for you.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Hemp seeds are also anti-inflammatory. This helps to reduce inflammation that is caused by chronic ailments.

  • Improve Heart And Brain Health

It has also been studied that the nutrition provided by hemp seeds is very beneficial for heart health. They can also protect brain cells from getting damaged. Thus, these seeds can keep track of your brain and heart health.

  • Relieve Pains

The pain relieving properties present in these seeds are beneficial for people who have arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. It can also prove fruitful for patients who experience muscle spasms time and again.

  • Reduce Skin Allergies

Studies have also proven that hemp oil that is extracted from hemp seeds can be of great help for people who are prone to acne and have particular skin allergies.

Hemp seeds are quite a help, you know? You might as well buy them if you want and thank me later. Also, hemp seeds are quite yummy so you could even add a few grams in your side salad and thank me later!

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