Does Hemp Oil Really Cure Cancer? 

There are many controversies and talks that are found regarding this topic. The ingredients and components that are present in hemp seed oil are proven to cure first stage cancer or the after-effects of Chemotherapy. Also, scientists have researched and found out that a chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is present in this oil. This compound is ought to be a cure for many diseases. 

Hemp seed oil is an extract of the seeds and stalk of the hemp plant. The oil is light green in color. Hemp oil treating cancer is far more a question. This is because although, research has been carried out since years the very effect of it is not evident yet.  

If we consider Marijuana on the other hand, then the results are far clearer. This is because many first stage cancer patients have been cured when introduced to Marijuana. 

Hemp seed oil, Marijuana as well as hash, all these are extracted from one single plant itself. But they differ into properties and hence hemp oil can cure cancer is a tough question to deal with. 

What is Cancer? 

Cancer is a chronic disorder that includes the division of cancer cells. This division of cancer cells depends upon the type of cancer you are affected with. Cancer cells can damage even the tissue and there is no cure found for many types of cancers.  


Many doctors and researchers have undertaken many tests on rats, and even human beings. It is evident that marijuana or hemp seed oil is able to prevent only first stage cancer patients and that also if they are taking adequate proportions of it.  But it can’t cure cancer. 

In the US, marijuana is legal and hence, many patients are able to cure their cancer. But the thing is you need to know the proper way of consuming it.  

Many types of cancers aren’t curable as of now. The hemp seed oil contains THC which can cure the symptoms causing cancer or it can help you while your chemotherapy. But again, it is to take your death granted if you are doing it without consulting your doctor. It may happen that you have some vague effects of it on your body. 

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Hemp Seed Oil And Cancer 

Hemp seed oil extract can be made at home, also they are illegally available at so many places even in India. The symptoms of cancer that is redness, lump, or the side effects of chemotherapy that is over-heat generation body can be minimized through this oil. This can help you to stay cancer-free only when you’ve got prior noticed symptoms of cancer. 

Take-Home Message! 

The main thing is that hemp seed oil can’t cure cancer. Don’t believe the false websites that give you false information. Though the symptoms of cancer can be eliminated, but can’t be cured.

There are many chats and talks that you can see online, but the very thing is if the doctors and scientists are not able to make hemp seed oil, a cure for cancer, then how can we believe? 

This article may have helped you to know the details of hemp seed oil and marijuana and its relation with cancer. 



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