Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

Is It Safe To Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs?

Americans are going crazy behind the full spectrum CBD oil due to its numerous benefits. Its wide range of uses has been effective for solving a number of problems. Can full spectrum CBD oil be used for dogs as well? It is not necessarily what suits you might also work for your dog as well. The full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa which is the parent name of the plant.

Marijuana and hemp are the species of Cannabis plant from which full spectrum CBD oil is extracted. The oil procured from hemp or marijuana contain THC which has psychotic effects. Thus full spectrum CBD oil obtained from Cannabis with no THC isn’t suitable for dogs.

Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Work For Dogs?

This oil is obtained from the cannabis plant with less than 0.3% of THC in it is suitable for dogs. Your dog suffers from a number of petty issues like anxiety, fatigue, vomiting, appetite, etc. Going to a vet or a doctor is not always convenient and affordable for such issues. Therefore home remedies are always preferred as the safest option as they don’t have any side effects.

Due to lack of scientific study, there is no formal research if this oil works for dos or not. Experts claim that the cannabidiol compounds present in it interact with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the body and have positive effects.

Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

It has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, can be used to treat chronic pain. In some cases, it was observed that it can also stimulate the appetite in dogs.

In a study, it is observed that this oil can also stimulate appetite levels in dogs. Many times it happens that your pet gets sick due to inconsistent eating.

Anxiety in dogs is a very common issue and it leaves you and your pet both exhausted. They behave reserved and are inactive all the time which will obviously stress you out. When your dog inhales this oil the terpenes present in it can have anxiety-relieving effects.

Side Effects Of Full Spectrum CBD On Dogs

This oil contains some very strong compound which can have effects on the health of your dog. Some side effects of this oil are as follows:

  • Tiredness or drowsiness.
  • Drying of mouth due to decreased in saliva secretion.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Nausea and Vomiting.

It is recommended not to consume this oil internally to be on the safer side. For dogs, you should use it externally like making them inhale the oil or apply it on the concerned area.

Due to the fact that this oil is in trend, everyone wants to try it out. But before that, you should have the right knowledge regarding what you are going to use. Internal organs have high chances of getting affected infected easily from harmful chemicals. It can have hazardous effects on the body and may also lead to life-threatening conditions.

This is same in the case of humans and animals. Therefore you should take the necessary precautions beforehand while trying out anything new. 

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