As there has been a continuous increasing progress in the fields of science and medicine, we are introduced to new inventions that might work towards making our life easier and more comfortable. As humans, we tend to be curious and we have tried out a lot of plants, herbs, chemicals to test what works best for us.  

Although we are moving forward with the improving medicines, some herbs have stood up to the test of time. They have proven their metal to the researchers and have stuck in the market flourishing since the very beginning. To name a few of these compounds, there are the hemp oil and the CBD oil. 

CBD oil: 

This oil is extracted from the herbal marijuana plant. Though this plant has an awful lot of uses and benefits, it is infamous among people due to the lack of complete understanding of this elixir. CBD oil is extracted by separating harmful solvents from the plant such as high amounts of THC and other components that might cause issues.  

The oil is alcohol-free and is pure in is considered to be safe for humans as well as for the animals. It is a medicinal drug and is recreational and healing in nature. It is important to be aware of the contents in the oil while purchasing it as researches have put forth the horrifying truth of almost 70% of the products in the market being either fake or containing more than acceptable does of THC. Because of this people might suffer from the side effects of overdosing. Therefore, face the consequences. 

Benefits of CBD oil: 

  • Might reduce stress. 
  • Works as an antidepressant. 
  • Painkiller in nature. 
  • Reduces the symptoms of cancer. 
  • Helps with anxiety issues. 
  • Gets rid of acne. 
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature. 

Hemp oil: 

This oil is generally extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa seed. Thus, it is also commonly known as the hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is produced in a regulated environment, generally an industrial plant. It is non-addicting in nature. Therefore, there is no risk of dependency from the consumption of this oil.  

Unlike other oils that fall under this category, hemp oil lacks any cannabinoids in its formula. Also known as a superfood, hemp oil helps with improving the levels of vitamins and other nutrients in your body. It is generally consumed orally and is a favorite of health-conscious people. Experts are still researching on the various uses that this complex can offer. 

Benefits of hemp oil: 

  • Can work as a painkiller. 
  • A stress reliever. 
  • Might help in hair growth. 
  • Good for skin. 
  • A good source of vitamins and nutrients. 

Difference between hemp oil and CBD oil: 

The major differences that occur between these two oils are not the uses as they are similar in nature, but the source of extraction. The source of attraction of both these oils vary. Apart from that, the constitution of compounds is also different. As the hemp oil serves as a good source of nutrients, omegas, and vitamins without the THC and other addicting complexes in it. 

Thus, researchers and experts prefer the usage of hemp oil in comparison to the CBD oil. But it highly depends on the need of the situation. Therefore, both these oils perform really essential functions in the fields of medicine.

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Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil
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