CBD Oil And Terpenes? What Is It? What’s The Difference? Read About CBD Oil With Terpenes!! 

The question of what are terpenes and how are they related to cannabinoids is roaming everywhere, in each site. The important thing here is to know what are terpenes and what makes CBD so special by adding it. This article will help you know about the terpenes and their relation with CBD.  

Let us start knowing about the terpenes. 

What Are Terpenes? 

Terpenes and terpenoids are cousins that are natural compounds. They are found in plants, animals and even in human beings. Terpenes are aromatic molecules that give color, flavor, and smell. The terpenes are in the oils of the plants. In Cannabis Sativa or marijuana, this thing is added to greatly define its importance. It is also called as ‘entourage effect’. The production or formation terpenes in the oils largely depend upon the abiotic factors like humidity, temperature, etc.  

Cannabis contains a few terpenes that are useful for our overall health, especially mental health. It also has been observed that these terpenes help to cure anxiety and depression and promotes restful sleep. There are different types of strains of Cannabis that have different taste, flavor, and terpenes. 

Let us learn about the terpenes present in cannabis. 

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Cannabis has plentiful of this type of terpenes. They are earthy in flavor with a bit of fruity tint. These terpenes are mostly found in Indica strains of cannabis. They are proved to be helpful in relieving muscle and joint pain. Also, it helps to curb the feeling of sadness or tiredness. 


This type of terpenes contributes to a den of benefits. It has a citrusy aroma and helps many health problems to solve. Limonene helps weight loss, treats bronchial infections, and also it prevents cancer. It is used in many perfumes, ointments, and creams because of its beautiful aroma. 


This terpene is very common in many plants like mint and even cinnamon. It has a floral aroma and a bit of spicy taste.  Also, Linalool is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that serve for preventing liver cancer. Also, it serves as a sedative to neural function and also inflects motor movement. 


It has earthy or a wood-like flavor. It is very common in basil, cloves, and hops. 


This is the major type of terpenes and is beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It is abundant in Train Wreck strain. 

Terpenes And Cannabinoids 

Terpenes give a different aroma and taste when added to Full-spectrum Cannabinoids. There are many health benefits we already got to know about terpenes. This also makes cannabis more beneficial to us. As a result, when terpenes are added to CBD Oil, it not only increases the benefits but also the flavor and taste. Out of all the terpenes, CBD Oil contributes 100 terpenes.  These terpenes when interacting with cannabinoids in the body, they balance the nutrients properly. 

Thus, terpenes play a vital role in cannabis but it is not legal in every country.

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