CBD And Its Half-Life 

Cannabidiol or CBD is also known as the most important non-psychoactive component of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Over the years, the benefits and properties of this cannabinoid are being understood by the people. It has been quite a journey for CBD- from being overlooked as a rumored psychoactive drug. But now it is being understood that it actually has medicinal properties, it has seen them all. Science and technology has made it obvious for the audience to know more about this miraculous oil. It is unlike marijuana, which is derived from the same plant as cannabidiol is. Also, it is far different in its properties and nature. Hence it could be a solution for several conditions and disorders. 

What Is The Half-Life Of CBD? 

The half-life of a compound is the time required for any particular property or nature of a substance to decrease by half. Half time of CBD oil is 18 to 32 hours. According to a few studies, cannabidiol is metabolized in the intestines as well as in the liver by their specific enzymes. The elimination half-life of a drug is actually the 50 percent reduction of the concentration of the properties of CBD from the plasma. Scientific studies have stated that the total elimination of this cannabinoid from the body is done after 5 to 7 days. But, you should also know that the elimination half-life of this cannabinoid depends upon its intake and the body mechanism that follows. 

In short, the half-life of CBD is actually the duration of action of cannabidiol provided, how much cannabidiol has been consumed by the individual. 

What Is Important In Determining The Half-Life Of CBD? 

Clearance is the term that is used for a drug to completely eliminate out of the plasma. But it can have various pathways. It could either be removed from the body or it can also be translocated to another body fluid which means, it can get involved with other mechanisms of the body. It could also be mixed with the blood and can get destroyed.  

One term that is associated with the distribution of the properties of any drug in the different tissues of the body is called volume distribution. This is an important term as it helps in determining the half-life of CBD too.   

What Is The Procedure For Knowing The Half-Life Of CBD? 

The half-life of CBD is determined by intravenously giving a dose of CBD. Then the concentration of CBD is plasma is regularly calculated at different intervals. It is calculated until the concentration levels of CBD appear to fall. Thus, the half-life of cannabidiol is determined. It should be understood that when the plasma concentration of CBD is halved, this is what is termed as the half-life of CBD. 

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